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We did not get here on our own

Some of the beautiful images you see on this site were made available by users of, which hosts inclusive, free stock photos and videos. Some of the featured users include:

The book that started it all, To All The Places I've Had Sex Before, was published through New Degree Press, who also developed the promotional video on the My Story page, with support from the Creator Institute. Specific thanks to the following folks at New Degree Press and the Creator Institute:

Communications and social media strategy were developed by Precious Jenkins.

LAUX's beautiful logo and the websites color palette were designed by Amara Nogee.

The website was designed and developed by Miguel Rivera Rios.

Thank you for visiting, and for your ongoing interest and support.

The reality is that countless people supported me at various points throughout this journey. Some provided feedback on the book as I was writing it. Others offered their expertise as I promoted myself and the book. Many more simply lent their ears, shoulders, and hearts throughout this long journey. This page is an imperfect attempt at honoring and thanking all those who left their mark in ways big and small. There is no such thing as “proper” attribution when it comes to things like this. Even if I haven't mentioned your support specifically, know that I appreciate you.