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To All the Places I've Had Sex Before

The book that started it all

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What happens when you spend years keeping your secrets to yourself, unprocessed and unforgotten? When you have obtained an identity, but you’re not sure how or why?

To All The Places I’ve Had Sex Before is an expirement in truth-telling. Writing it was an opportunity to acknowledge the past, to contextualize it with my history and culture, and to learn from it.

This book explores the ever so visible, yet ever so stigmatized subject of sex. To All The Places I’ve Had Sex Before is an intimate journey that begs the question, what does it mean to truly be sexually liberated and what measures does it take to get there, exploring the notions of private and public, the importance of reflection, and the difficulty of taking action.

To All The Places I’ve Had Sex Before is a set of personal narrative essays that explore the true meaning of sexual liberation for LAUX the author.

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To All The Places I’ve Had Sex Before is an shockingly honest narrative of a young woman’s exploration into her sexuality and sexual history. It paints is a refreshing and poignant image of the truth behind the sexual experiences shared by many young women today.

Claire Hubley
RX: Earth

LAUX takes us on a powerful journey that is at once intimate, honest, and thought provoking. Her personal stories mixed with societal critiques make us examine our own values, beliefs, and assumptions.

Laura Weidman Powers
Unstuck Together

LAUX’s rawness and transparency in To All of the Places I’ve Had Sex Before is truly liberating. Her thoughts, feelings, and experiences surrounding sex and sexuality reflect the courage and strength she possesses.

Serica Emani Weaver
Love, Serica: A free spirit’s journey to living, breathing, and existing authentically

To All the Places Ive Had Sex Before celebrates and normalizes the messy path we all take towards understanding ourselves and our bodies better.

Nichole Hill
Tortured Artist

LAUX’s stories on Black Womanhood and Sexual Liberation are for RIGHT NOW. Her voice is one for a generation; a sexual liberation unto itself is found between the lines in her collection of exhilaratingly honest and personal essays, allowing the reader to redefine and deconstruct them self alongside LAUX as she unpacks these loaded and multilayered institutions and mentalities.

Katy Rieber
The Bird Streets

To All the Places I’ve Had Sex Before is a raw and vulnerable look at the sexual journey of a young black woman set against the backdrop of how sex is perceived in black communities. Though her story ends, she and the reader are left knowing that it’s just the beginning.

Zaimah Khan
Future Minded: Preparing Today’s Youth for Tomorrow’s Workforce